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2010년 7월 10일 토요일

Midi Edit

Midi Edit :

** 16 Multi-track Full-featured Midi Editor including 128 GM instruments.

** Features **

1. User-friendly easy Pianoroll Editor with full functionalities (draw, erase, move, velocity, copy/cut/paste, zoom, scroll, undo/redo)

2. 128 General Midi Instruments included. (Pianos, Guitars, basses, leads, strings ...)

3. Chord helper helps to generate various chords easily! (It supports 132 various chords and Arpegio mode with various voicing styles)

4. Beat helper helps to generate various drum beats easily! (It supports various beats, combos and feel-ins)

5. You can export midi file to use in your favorite sequencer in your PC! (You can co-work with your VST instruments in your PC through midi file. Thus, now you can write a song at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!)

Midi Edit Support page

Midi Edit Support page.

Demo : Let it be